KKS Cafe Bar Grill now Serving Breakfast, Lunch
& Chargrill Evening Menu

Opening Hours:

Cafe/Restaurant: Monday - Sunday 9am to 10pm
Deliveries: 2pm to 11pm, except Sundays 5pm to 10:30pm


An innovative & interesting space, the kind of place you can pop by for a take-out coffee or sit down to a good hearty meal. KKS Cafe Bar Grill is more than just your usual koffee shop; it's a destination for breakfast lunch & dinner. We pride ourselves on serving the local community with simple, honest home-cooked grub made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our menu includes many favourites; lasagne, steaks and a selection of pies to name just a few!

We also make a pretty mean Coffee! We always try to use local suppliers where possible, a local kake shop supplies us with all our delicious kakes, including some gluten free treats! Not only is our food pretty great, our decor has a certain pizazz to it! Encompassing the industrial style of the surrounding architecture with a mix of eclectic pieces and artwork, KKS has its own defined, quirky character. Pop in and see for yourself